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RYSA Documents

  2010-2011 DisciplineMap++ (Very Best).jpg map to discipline hearings
  4District Boys Warning re Team Behaviour 2012-13.doc December 2012 - 4 District Discipline letter
  2012 Winter Break Olympic Oval Camps.pdf.pdf Oval camps for winter break 2012
  2012-13 Scholarship Application Form.doc scholarship application form
  2012-13 Scholarship Criteria.doc 2012-2013 scholarship criteria
  Learn to Train PDF - Jan. 2013.pdf RYSA Programs - U10-U12
  2013 Spring Soccer Flyer_for newspaper.pdf 2013 Spring League Information
  YPC_TeamRosterForm_2012.-doc A Cup Roster Form
  RYSA Field Notes.pdf 2012-2013 Field notes for U12 to U18 coaches.
  2012-2013_edited_msl_rules_regs.pdf 2012-2013 MSL policy manual
  2012-2013_Player evaluation Form.xls Evaluation Form Feb 28, 2013
  Letter Re 2013-2014 Metro Fee Increase (1).pdf fees for 2013-2014
  Spring_League_Guide_2013-_April_20FINAL.pdf guide for coaches, managers, parents
  2013 RYSA Spring Order Form.pdf Order form for Photos for 2013 Spring League
  2013_Spring_League_PHOTO-_DAY_SCHEDULE.pdf Photo day schedule - spring League 2013
  2013 Olympic Oval Sport Leadership Program.pdf Sport Leadership Program Information
  2013_Summer Soccer_Skills.pdf Mike Quinn's Summer Camps
  2013 Fall - HP Soccer S&C Program_FLYER.pdf High Performance Strength and conditioning program
  2013-2014_U8 Boys field layout.pdf boyd blue
  Cardiology Education Seminar Evite.pdf October 2013 seminar invite
  2013 RYSA Fall Order Form_REVISED.pdf Photo Day order form - September 22
  2013 _RYSA Photos Attention Coaches of RYSA.pdf Instructions for coaches - photo day
  2013-2014_RACIAL SLURS & DEROGATORY COMMENTING.doc letter from 4-District
  2013-2014_U7 Boys Game Day Instructions.pdf instructions for U7 boys
  2013-2014 Oval Sport User Group Package.pdf oval information for age groups in the oval
  2013-2014_U8 Boys Rules of Play.pdf U8 boys rules of play
  2014-2015 - U11 Selected Program, 2014-2015 -2004-.pdf information on the 2014-2015 U11 Selected program
  2014-2015 U12 -2003- - RYSA First Team Program.pdf program information for the 2014-2015 U12 Gold program
  2014 FUSION FC 2002 Born Player Evaluation.pdf information on Fusion FC evaluations for players born in 2002
  PL-IP_Project_Description One Pager.pdf Canadian Sport for Life Physical Literacy Injury Prevention Project Document
  2013-2014 RSA Richmond Christmas Fund.pdf flyer for RSA supporting Richmond Christmas Fund
  2013-14 Scholarship Application Form.pdf Scholarship application form for those players graduating after 2013-2014 season.
  2013-2014_U5 Game Day Instructions.pdf U5 Game Day Instructions - September 2013
  2013-2014_U6 Game Day Instructions.pdf U6 Game Day Instructions - September 2013
  2012-2013 U7 Game Day Instructions.pdf U7 Game Day Instructions - September 20, 2012
  be the dream pillow case.pdf Fundraiser for Canadian Women's Soccer Team - November 1, 2012
  2012-2013 Olympic Oval Sport User Group Package.pdf 2012-2013 olympic oval information package for user groups.
  2013_14 U12 Program001.pdf 2013-2014 U12 Select Program (first and second team) information
  2013_14 U11 Select Program001.pdf 2013/2014 U11 Select Program Information
  Boyd Map with Photo Area 001.pdf map for photo day
  2013-14 Scholarship Criteria.pdf List of criteria for scholarship applicants
  Criminal Records Check Letter_July 30.pdf CRC Letter to take to RCMP - July 30, 2012
  U11 Selected Program (Parent) 2012-2013.doc Program information for the U11 Selected program 2012-2013 season
  U12 - RYSA First Team Program, 2012-2013.doc Program information for the 2012-2013 season for U12s.
  4District_Guide_SE final_2012-08-09.pdf 2012-2013 4-District Guide
  RYSA Discrimination Harassment Policy, reviewed Sept.2009.pdf RYSA Discrimination & Harassment Policy_reviewed September 2009
  Privacy Policy, reviewed Sept.2009.pdf RYSA Privacy Policy_reviewed september 2009
  Risk Management Procedure,reviewed Sept.2009.pdf RYSA Risk Management Policy_reviewed September 2009
  Code of Conduct, reviewed Sept.2009.pdf Code of Conduct_reviewed September 2009
  Conflict of Interest, reviewed Sept.2009..pdf Conflict of Interest_reviewed September 2009
RYSA Guide

  Link16-FUNdamentals_(U7-U9) May 2013.doc RYSA guide
  Link17-Learn_To_Train_(U10-U12)_Program May 2013.doc rysa guide
  Link19-Metro(U13-U18)Program.doc rysa guide
  The Richmond Youth Soccer Association Technical Basics.doc rysa guide
  Final_Richmond_Youth_Soccer_Association_Guide_May 22.pdf RYSA Guide, May 22
  Link 1a RYSA Certificate of Amalgamation.pdf rysa guide doc
  Link 1b RYSA Constitution.pdf rysa guide doc
  Link 2 - List of RYSA Life Members.doc rysa guide doc
  Link 3 - List of RYSA Board Postions.doc rysa guide doc
  Link 9 AGM_RYSA audited financial statements March 31 2012.pdf rysa guide doc
  Link 10 - Sponsorship and Gifting Objectives.doc rysa guide doc
  Link13 - Past RYSA AGM Award Winners.doc rysa guide doc
  Link15_-_First_Kicks_(U5&_U6)_Program.doc rysa guide doc
  Link18-Junior_Program(u13-U18 Non-Metro).doc rysa guide doc
Constitution / Board / AGM

  RYSA Financial Statements and Auditors Report_March 31_2010.pdf Financial statement for year ending March 31, 2010 and auditor's report.
  AGM_RYSA audited financial statements March 31 2012.pdf 2011-2013 Audited Financial Statements
  2013 AGM Reports_RYSA.pdf Reports for the 2012-2013 season
  AGM_2013_Notice_of_AGM.p-df 2013 notice of Annual General Meeting
  AGM DIrector Reports May 28, 2012.pdf AGM Director Reports_2012 AGM
  AGM RYSA AGM Minutes_2011_DRAFT2_May 22-12.pdf AGM 2012_Minutes of 2011 AGM
  AGM_Budget 12-13 update Mar 31 2012.pdf 2012-2013 Budget for Approval
  AGM_RYSA_AGM_Minutes_201-2_DRAFT_May_29_12.pdf Minutes of 2012 AGM for Approval
  RYSA 2012-13 Audited Financial Statements.pdf RYSA Audited Financial Statements 2012-2013 season
  Budget Mar 31 2014 for AGM v01.pdf 2013-2014 Budget for approval
  2013 AGM_4_D_Final_Graphs_Charts_4.pdf 4-district discipline report for 2012-2013 season
  rysa_consitution.pdf RYSA Consitution
  rysa_life_members.pdf RYSA Life Members

No documents in this category.

  2013 Thankgiving BOYS Tournament_Version 6_with FULL SCORES.xls final results 2013 thanksgiving tournament
  2013 Thanksgiving Tournament Team Information and Rules.pdf information package
  2013 THANKSGIVING TOURNAMENT DUTY DESCRIPTIONS.pdf tournament duties for richmond teams
  2013 Thanksgiving Tournament Girls scores.xls girls scores for tournament
  2013 Thanksgiving Volunteer Schedule for Teams.pdf volunteer schedule for teams 2013
  2012 Richmond Cup.doc 2012 richmond cup info and rules

  2012-2013 evaluation form for next season001.pdf U8-U12 evaluation form
  rysa_ref_dissent.doc Referee Dissent Letter
  rysa_ref_performance_rep-ort.pdf Referee Performance Report
Richmond Soccer Alliance

  rsa_proposal_062805.pdf Richmond Soccer Alliance Proposal

The soccer community's June 28/05 proposal for a new partnership with the City, and the construction of four new AT soccer fields to the Parks and Rec Committee of City Council. This alliance of 13 soccer clubs and associations has come together with a common vision.
  rsa_proposal_presentatio-n_062805.ppt Richmond Soccer Alliance Presentation

Presentation by an Alliance of 13 Richmond Soccer Associations to City of Richmond Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Committee on June 28, 2005
  rsa_soccer_center_hugh_b-oyd_concept_1.pdf Richmond Soccer Alliance Hugh Boyd Concept 1
  boyd.pdf Hugh Boyd Layout
BC Soccer, Canada Soccer, FIFA

  YPC_TeamRosterForm_2013.-doc 2013 Roster form for provincials/A Cup
  fifa_lotg_2004_e.pdf FIFA Laws of the Game (LOTG)
  fifa_qa_2004_e.pdf FIFA Q&A's of the Game
  tpdweb.pdf Total Player Development Program

Canada Soccer Association Total Player Development Program that RYSA follows

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